Jason Coleman

Jason's diverse talent has been in great demand since arriving in Sydney as a 17 year old in 1987. As a dancer, actor choreographer and more recently director, he has covered more show business territory than most. In fact, even if you don't realise it, you probably would have seen either Jason or his choreography on television, stage or the big screen.

Jason's music industry credits are as numerous as they are diverse. Most notable is that Jason has choreographed for, Christine Anu, Tina Arena, Sheena Easton, Chrissy Amphlet, Human Nature, Bardot, John Farnham, Chaka Khan, Vanessa Amorossi, Bee Gees, Bardot, Deni Hines, Kate Cebrano, Euphoria, Toni Peron, Melissa Kautz the list goes on - and as a young dancer Jason even performed on the same bill as international artists like Whitney Houston and the legendary Frank Sinatra.

Jason's engagement as Choreographer for the opening and closing ceremonies of the ‘2000 Sydney Olympic Games’ was, at the time, his most notable credit to mention. Jason was the only choreographer asked to work on both the opening and closing ceremonies. This broadcast was seen by 3.8 billion people across the globe and therefore was the biggest TV audience for any event ever.

Following the international success of the extraordinary 2000 Olympic Ceremonies Jason was chosen to choreograph for the highly acclaimed handover ceremony for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

Jason subsequently acted as Director of Choreography for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. This was one of the largest and most expensive shows ever made anywhere on earth. As well as choreographing himself Jason was responsible for directing an international team of choreographers for this event. Jason also acted as a segment Director on both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

In 2006 Jason embarked on a Journey to cast Dancers from around the world. Jason was asked to head an international team. This team held dancers Auditions in Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Jason chose 250 professional Dancers from 12 countries. He also had the pleasure of studying with a master teacher/chorographer in traditional dance forms in all of the pre-mentioned countries. This trip, which Jason nick named ‘The Dance Safari’, was truly an extraordinary international dance experience. It was a once in a life time collection of extraordinary talent, and a highlight in his dance career.

On television Jason has worked as a choreographer on shows such as Water Rats, G.P. E-Street, Popstars, Hey Hey it's Saturday, Roy and H.G. the Footy Show and the Midday Show. He also was responsible for choreographing three consecutive LOGIE Awards 1997, 1998 & 1999, as well as the 1997 football grand final entertainment and the 2003/2004 State of Origin Entertainment. Through the 90's Jason was also Resident Choreographer for Channel Nine Sydney. In 2000/2001 Jason worked as a Judge and Choreographer on the number one rating TV show Pop Stars. It was through this that Jason's public profile as a choreographer really took off. Subsequently Jason is often asked to judge, adjudicate, and audition dancers across the country and around the world.

Jason choreographed the inaugural and following two Helpmann Awards. This is an industry awards ceremony celebrating the fields of Musical Theatre, Live Plays, Ballet and Opera. It was an honour for Jason to once again be chosen to choreograph for an industry based project.

In January 2003, Jason was chosen by an international Advertising company to Choreograph a world wide TV and Film commercial, for the giant American multi-national company L and M. This feature commercial will be played in twenty seven different countries around the world. Jason also acted as Assistant director on this two-week shoot.

Jason has extensive experience choreographing in the lucrative world of corporate entertainment. With clients such as Qantas, Toyota, Ford, IBM, Mercedes, VW, Dulux, Lexus, NRMA, Telstra, McDonalds, Compaq, Melbourne Racing Carnival, etc. All of these clients, and more, rely on his Direction and choreography for their respective entertainment requirements, or product launches.

Jason was thrilled to be chosen by George Miller to work as a Choreographer and Dance Consultant on the feature film Happy Feet. Jason consequently also played a motion capture performance role in this feature film.

In 1997 Jason spent three months playing a supporting role in a feature film with Paul Mercurio. Shortly after Jason was approached to do two other feature film roles but was unavailable due to his Musical Theatre commitments.

Jason made his directing debut in 1996 working as Assistant Director and Choreographer to David Atkins on Little Shop of Horrors shortly followed by Sweet Charity and the highly successful musical Fame. Since then Jason has acted both as a Choreographer and Assistant Director on the arena spectacular The Man From Snowy River. And most recently Jason is thrilled to have received critical acclaim for his choreographic work on the Musical Hair.

Jason's other musical theatre credits include Chicago, A Chorus Line, Saturday Night Fever, Little Shop of Horrors, Dancin' Man, Dancin' Dynamite.

In 2002 Jason was chosen by the Capitol Authority to Direct and executive produce The Prime Ministers Christmas Carols Live from the steps of parliament House in Canberra.

At the turn of the millennium, Jason was asked to direct and choreograph the entertainment for the Sydney Opera House forecourt parties. The biggest New Years Eve party ever undertaken by the City of Sydney. An extravaganza of continual entertainment with opera, rock, disco, circus, dance, and performance art with the entire performance lasting more than sixteen hours.

Finally, Jason credits his success to his family and his teachers, and he insists that it be known - the best of his work is still to come.

Lexus Performs at the ‘Bee Gees’ concert - As well as conceiving the entertainment, Jason also acted as Director and Choreographer for this highly successful event.

IMAX Theaters - Jason has travelled across the country Directing and Choreographing performances for Imax.

S.A.P. Computers ‘X-treme’ - A week of corporate meetings enhanced by the modern, exciting and innovative combination of Dancers and Multi-Media. Again conceived Directed and Choreographed by Jason.

N.R.M.A Presidents Dinner - Jason supplied a ‘Tap Dance Extravaganza’ with a mood of ambient sophistication achieved by constant subliminal live entertainment for the event. Acapella singers, string quartets and ‘Peace drummers’.

F.I.E.T. World Convention - held at the Sydney Town Hall this assignment required a cast of 76 different performers, singers, dancers and a full Choral Choir combined with impressive visual effects.

QANTAS Airlines - As major sponsor to the Melbourne Grand Prix and the combined launch of the new 747-400 aircraft this was a reveal on a grand scale, with Jason once again responsible for staging inspiring direction and choreography.