Angus Lugsdin

Angus Lugsdin was born the son of a grazier in rural NSW near Mudgee in 1950. He was the only boy with three older sisters.

Angus has been passionate about dancing for as long as he can remember but it was to be a long wait before his first ballet class in Sydney in 1969.

Being a boarder at Sydney Church of England Grammer School (Shore) from 1960 - 1968, there were no opportunities for Angus to indulge his passion for dance except on Saturday evenings, when he and other senior boys, attended ballroom dancing lessons at nearby Wenona School for Girls. It was a reminder of earlier days at country balls, as a young teenager, Angus would dance with whomever would take him on.

Finally, after Angus left school, he found a tiny ballet school in town and attended his first ballet lessons. His natural turn-out and well arched feet, caused comment immediately. It was at this time that Angus discovered Valrene Tweedie and learned of her fine reputation as a teacher with boys as well as girls and soon after, commenced full-time ballet training at the Australian Academy of Ballet.

Angus soon discovered the thrill of dancing on stage with performances with Miss Tweedie's school as well as with Ballet Australia. In his first year of full-time training, Angus passed the Cecchetti Elementary exam and auditioned successfully for The Australian Ballet School.

After he graduated from The Australian Ballet School, where he passed his Intermediate and Advanced Cecchetti exams under the tutelage of Athol Willoughby, Angus was offered a place in The Australian Ballet along with classmates Ross Stretton, Dale Baker and Valmai Roberts.

Exciting times followed with the AB's first tour to Russia and Eastern Europe and subsequent tours to Britain and America.

After a hectic five years touring with The Australian Ballet, Angus left the company and headed to Europe where he joined the Frankfurt Ballet in 1978. Angus enjoyed the change to a company that only toured occasionally, was situated in the middle of Europe and empolyed dancers from the four corners of the earth.

At the end of 1983, Angus returned to Australia and took up the post of Ballet Master with Queensland Ballet the following year in 1984. At this Queensland Ballet was having discussions with Education Queensland regarding the possiblity of forming a partnership and starting a full-time dance and academic school in Brisbane. The Queensland Dance School of Excellence came into being and in 1986, Angus left Queensland Ballet to take the position of Co-ordinator with the QDSE.

In 1994 the Cecchetti Method was added to the curriculum at QDSE, under Janice Heale, and in 1995 Angus was awarded the Cecchetti Associate Diploma by London.