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CICB International Competition

The Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB) Competition is held every three years in various countries around the world. On July 21-27, 2024, the competition will be hosted by the Cecchetti Council of America in beautiful Holland, Michigan, USA


Represent Australia

at the cicb international competition 2024

Team Australia is the team of Cecchetti Ballet Australia dancers that will represent us at the CICB International Competition 2024 in the United States of America.

Do you want to join?

Elections and Awards will be held in Victoria and Western Australia.
Save the date: Sunday, April 14th, 2024 

Team Australia Banner (2).png


Congratulations to the Australian Team on their spectacular efforts.
Florence, Italy. 31 July - 5 August.

We are proud to announce the Australian winners:

Cameron Holmes_Winner Senior Division 2017.jpg

Cameron Holmes
Winner of the Senior Division &
Audience Award Senior Division
Teachers: Robyn Ross & Valerie Jenkins,
Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy

OBI-18500Laura Van Loon_high res 01.jpg

Laura Van Loon
Winner of the Junior Contemporary Award
Teachers: Jessica & Mike Van Loon
Van Loon Dance Academy

Joshua Hunt_Winner Junior Division & Audience Choice 2017.jpg

Joshua Hunt
Winner of the Junior Division, Most Promising Dancer &
Audience Award Junior Division
Teacher: Anne Butler, VCASS

Noah Benzie-Drayton Winner Musicality 2017.jpg

Noah Benzie-Drayton
Winner of the Junior Musicality Award
Teacher: Simone Jackson-Pike, The Perth School of Ballet

Well done to all the finalists

bw_Joshua Hunt_headshot.jpg
bw_Philippa Crawley_headshot.jpg
bw_Noah Benzie-Drayton_headshot.jpg
bw_Laura Van Loon_headshot.jpg
bw_Amy Lim - Headshot.jpg
bw_Tyler Lindsay_Tyler Lindsay headshot.jpg
bw_Lily Minchenko_headshot.jpg
bw_Dario anini-Sassini HEADSHOT.jpg
bw_Tara Newberry_headshot_reduced.jpg
bw_Zahrah 2017 headshot.jpg

Cameron Holmes, Joshua Hunt, Phillipa Crawley, Noah Benzie-Drayton, Laura Van Loon, Amy Lim, Tyler Lindsay,

Lily Minchenko, Dario Zanini-Sassani, Tara Newberry and Zahrah Senese

A special thanks to Simone Jackson-Pike for her role as Team Manager in Florence.

Cecchetti Ballet Australia is pleased to announce the Australian Cecchetti International Scholarship Winners

The following entrants have been selected to compete in Florence, Italy 31st July – 5 August 2017.

Australian Cecchetti International Scholarship - JUNIOR


Winner National Council Scholarship: Zahrah Senese
Teacher: Val Jenkins, Robyn Ross
Dance School: Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
Photo courtesy of Belinda Strodder


Winner NSW Scholarship: Laura Van Loon
Teacher: Jessica & Mike Van Loon
Dance School: Van Loon Dance Academy
Photo courtesy of Belinda Strodder


Winner VIC Scholarship: Philippa Crawley
Teacher: Justine Morris
Dance School: Ballarat Dance Centre
Photo courtesy of Belinda Strodder


Winner WA Scholarship: Tyler Cameron-Lindsay
Teacher: Simone Jackson-Pike
Dance School: Perth School of Ballet
Photo courtesy of Belinda Strodder

Australian Cecchetti International Scholarship - SENIOR


Winner National Council Scholarship: Cameron Holmes
Teacher: Robyn Ross, Val Jenkins
Dance School: Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
Photo courtesy of Belinda Strodder

Self-Funded competitors

Self funded competitors going to Florence, Italy to compete in the CICB International Scholarships 31 July – 5 August.

  • Amy Lim – also winner of Energetiks Encouragement Award

  • Lily Minchenko

  • Tara Newberry

  • Joshua Hunt

  • Dario Zanini-Sassani

  • Noah Benzie-Drayton


Cecchetti Ballet Australia Inc. wishes to congratulate the Australian Competitors for their outstanding performances in Richmond, Virginia. The Competition was represented by 39 Competitors from Australia, Canada, UK, USA and South Africa, with 15 making it through to the finals, 3 of which were Australians. Jenny Hackwell (UK) took out the Maestro Cecchetti Award for the best dancer overall. Australia's own Rebecca Blenkinsop (pictured below) won the Most Promising Dancer Award.

Scholarships awarded to Australian Competitors:

  • Edward Pope—1 year traineeship with the School of Alberta Ballet, Canada

  • Chloe Hollow— Boston Ballet, Massachusetts

  • Rebecca Blenkinsop & Shardae Matthews—Summer School Danzare Cecchetti ANCEC—Italy

  • Danielle Whitfort—1 month professional scholarship with Winnipeg Ballet School, Canada

  • Genevieve MacNulty—1/2 Scholarship with Texas Ballet Theatre.

Competition Finalists

  • Edward, Rebecca, Shardae & Danielle—students of VCASS Cecchetti, Program, Coordinator: A Butler

  • Chloe Hollow—student of M Feain

  • Genevieve—student of PSB, S Jackson-Pike & J Ban


2014 CICB International Competition - Australian Bursary Eliminations

Bursary: Sunday April 13th 2014 at Victorian College of the Arts, Secondary School. 57 Miles Street, Southbank Victoria
International Ballet Competition Venue: Richmond Center Stage, Carpenter Theatre, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Competition Date: 3 - 9 August 2014

From these eliminations successful candidates are funded to travel and compete in the International Competition, in Richmond, Virginia, USA.  Others fitting the criteria, and with individual approval from Cecchetti Ballet Australia, may fund themselves to compete.  Australia has won this prestigious International event since its inception.
Previous winners: Catherine McAuley 2001, Melbourne Australia, Kirsten Marsh 2008, Calgary Canada & Ashleigh McKimmie 2011, Manchester UK.


Manchester UK

After adjudicating an open classical class conducted by Mr Slava Zalomski and a performance of each candidates' classical solo in the afternoon, followed by performances of both classical and contemporary solos in full costume in the evening, our adjudicators selected the following candidates as the Bursary winners

The Australian Bursary Eliminations Winners are:

  • Brydee Lyttle - National Council Bursary

  • Ashleigh McKimmie - Cecchetti Ballet Victoria Bursary


Australian Bursary Eliminations Results 2011

Congratulations to the 12 wonderful candidates who performed in the Australian Bursary Eliminations. Our Adjudicates for the Eliminations were Marilyn Rowe OBE, Margaret Illmann and Simon Dow. The open classical class was conducted by Mr Slava Zalomski. 

Competitor names in order of performance.

  • Isabella Howard-Beattie
    Teacher: Beth James, WA Conservatoire of Classical Ballet. Western Australia

  • Jesse Homes:
    Teacher:  Anne Butler, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. Victoria

  • Brydee Lyttle
    Teacher: Carole Oliver, Carole Oliver School of Ballet. Victoria

  • Marlee Gittings
    Teacher:  Monique Feain. New South Wales

  • Georgia Swan
    Teacher: Carole Oliver, Carole Oliver School of Ballet. Victoria

  • Lucy May Pitt
    Teacher:  Valerie Jenkins, Tanya Pearson Coaching Academy, New South Wales

  • Ellie Michael
    Teacher: Carole Oliver, Carole Oliver School of Ballet. Victoria

  • Ashleigh McKimmie
    Teacher: Anne Butler, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. Victoria

  • Amanda Mitrevski
    Teacher: Anne Butler, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. Victoria

  • Rhyce Toovey
    Teacher: Hilary Kaplan & Archibald McKenzie, Alegria School of Dance. New South Wales

  • Samantha Vottari
    Teacher: Anne Butler, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. Victoria

  • Bridget Mulholland
    Teacher: Monique Feain. New South Wales


A Huge thank you to our Sponsors BLOCH, Ann McNamara- In loving memory of Rhyl Kennell, Snap Printing, RUN, The Better Image, AUSDANCE Victoria, Dance Australia.

In addition to the two bursary winners the following Cecchetti students have chosen to self fund their entry to Manchester.

Georgia Swan
Macbeth Kanera
Emma Moran
Samantha Vottari
Marlee Gittings

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