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Entry forms for Status Examinations must be sent to the relevant State branch secretary 2 weeks prior to the State entry closing date.


The Associate qualification was removed as the entry level teacher qualification from January 2022. A comparison of the old and new qualification can be found here.

Cecchetti Ballet Australia Teaching qualifications, now commence with the new Associate Diploma which consists of Part 1 and Part 2.


Associate Diploma Anatomy assessment questions
Associate Diploma Anatomy assessment details
RPL Self Assessment Tool: Anatomy and Kinesiology of a Classical Dancer



Childhood Development assessment questions

RPL Self-Assessment Tool: Childhood Development

The Anatomy and Childhood Development assessments can be done during either Part 1 or Part 2 but it is a requirement is must be completed before the Part 2 examination.

Associate Diploma Marking Criteria

Part 1

Part 2

Successful examination candidates are entitled to use the letters 'A.(Dip) C.B.A. - C.I.C.B '


Course in teaching the Licentiate qualification of Cecchetti Classical Ballet

(iii) Licentiate:- Candidates must
1. Have reached the age of 22 years
2. Hold their Associate Diploma in the Cecchetti method
3. Have completed five years or responsible teaching in the Cecchetti method
Successful candidates are entitled to use the letters 'L.C.B.A - C.I.C.B.'


iv) Licentiate Diploma:- Candidates must
1. Hold their Licentiate status
2. Have successfully completed the Cecchetti Ballet examinations in 'The History of Classical Ballet' and ‘Anatomy and Physiology of a Classical Dancer’.
3. Successful candidates are entitled to use the letters 'L.(Dip) C.B.A - C.I.C.B.'.

Those who are interested in doing the Licentiate Diploma Anatomy or History, please contract the National Office for more details.

The following documents are under review.


Application and Candidate Documents
Anatomy Application form
Anatomy Assessment details
Anatomy Part A & B Assessment details
Anatomy Part C Assessment details
Anatomy Module
Anatomy Assessment Rules
RPL Self Assessment Tool: Licentiate Diploma Anatomy



Application and Candidate Documents
History Application form
History documents
History Assessment Rules


(v) Fellowship:- Candidates must
1. Have reached the age of 27 years
2. Must hold Licentiate Diploma status
3. Have passed their Advanced 2 examination
4. Have completed eight years of responsible teaching in the Cecchetti method.
Successful candidates are entitled to use the letters 'F.C.B.A. - C.I.C.B.'.

Contact your state secretary for more information.