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Dance Spectrum


Dance Spectrum 1 & 2


This syllabus has been developed for the Recreational and Vocational student who for various reasons may or may not wish to commence training in the Cecchetti Major levels.


The syllabus contains some aspects of the Cecchetti Intermediate work along with a composition component and a big component on the Cecchetti Principals and how they are used throughout the syllabus. The Panel also see this as a practical and useful addition for students who may decide at a later stage to take the Associate examination as it helps with choreography and further establishes a good knowledge of theory.


The report forms and marking system are totally different from any that are presently in use. The emphasis of the syllabus will be on the enjoyment, improvisation and understanding of the Cecchetti Principals, rather than technique thereby enabling the recreational student to achieve a good result. Examination one hour duration - maximum group of three students.

Contact your state secretary for more information.

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