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Crossing Over

Dance class

This pathway is suitable for current teachers who hold classical ballet teaching qualifications in other methods and would like to 'cross over' into the Cecchetti teaching ranks.

Candidates are required to undertake an entry-level examination equivalent to the Cecchetti Associate Diploma Examination.

Upon commencement, the candidate is permitted to Pre-Register, and thereby teach and enter candidates for Cecchetti examinations whilst they themselves are preparing for their assessment. This membership is for teachers who do not yet hold an Associate status. A pre-registered teacher must enter candidates for examinations within 12 months and complete the requirements for provisional registration within 2 years. For further information please contact the National Office.


  • Teaching qualification with another recognised classical ballet method

  • Current First Aid Qualification

  • Current WWCC

  • Supply a link to their School Child Safe Policy

Candidates will undertake training with a mentor (a senior Cecchetti teacher or examiner) at their own expense. Mentor will be allocated to candidate upon commencement. Training will also entail assessments for Anatomy and Childhood Development.

Outcome: Successful candidates will receive their Associate Diploma of Cecchetti Ballet Australia Inc. and Cecchetti International – Classical Ballet (CICB) in the year in which their examination was taken. The candidate is entitled to use the letters ‘A(Dip).C.B.A. - C.I.C.B. (See Membership Classification for more detail).

How to apply:

An Application in the form of a letter of introduction from the candidate should be emailed to National Office

Please include the following information and documents.

  • Your full name, contact number and location (suburb and state)

  • Evidence of teaching qualification with another recognised classical ballet method

  • A range of students examination results (students taught by you) if possible

  • Your CV (teaching)

  • Copy of current first aid qualification

  • Copy of current WWCC

Once the above has been received, it will be put forward to National Council for approval. Once approved, you will be required to pre-register as a member and a mentor will be allocated to you. Fees are payable directly to the mentor for their services.


Cecchetti teachers must hold at least a Licentiate qualification in order to be considered as a mentor.

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