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The Cecchetti Method

The timeless Cecchetti Principles of grace, balance and line form the basis of a sound training syllabus that has been developed to meet the needs of today's modern child - teaching coordination, poise, confidence, rhythmical sense and musicality while ensuring that the process is still fun.

The fully qualified, carefully trained and registered teachers of Cecchetti Ballet Australia are committed to providing a stable and secure foundation for each student's training - whether for purely recreational enjoyment or as the beginnings of a career in dance. The Cecchetti teacher training courses prepare them to teach with a safe and secure technical base, sound knowledge of anatomy and basic physical faults, good teaching practices and the historical background of the art of classical ballet. The syllabus has been carefully structured to ensure that the student receives a well-balanced training, with each grade for younger dancers designed to build progressively to the senior levels.

Two separate examining streams have been formulated to meet the different needs and requirements of recreational and professional dancers.

"Let us go back to Cecchetti as it was, after all who are we to improve on it? A dancer trained as Cecchetti taught - with his beautifully balanced, well thought out exercises, the accent on his light easy stance and poise, his long line, his coordination and continuity of movement and coverage of ground. His rhythm and use of the floor is as timeless as he is and can fulfil the needs of any period." Molly Lake (student of Maestro Enrico Cecchetti, member of Pavlova's Co., Director of Turkish National Ballet School).

Cecchetti-trained dancers have achieved great success throughout the world. They are generally well-regarded for their purity of line and for their ability to adapt easily to other forms of dance.

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ENRICO CECCHETTI was born in a theatre dressing room in Rome in 1850 and later became famous as a dancer, mime, and one of the greatest teachers in ballet history. Both his parents were dancers and he started his training in classical ballet technique with his father. In 1864 he studied in Florence with Giovanni Lepri who, like Cecchetti's father, was a pupil of the famous Carol Blasis.

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