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Registration Step-by-Step

Step 1

Go to:

Register for an Account or Login if you already have one.

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Step 2

Select the event Cecchetti Ballet Australia 2024 (Clifton Hill, VIC) (Click Start Entry)

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Step 3

Enter the code: CBAd@24

Please, do not share this code with anyone outside our organisation. This competition is for Cecchetti students only.

Screen Shot 2024-01-23 at 8.50.20 am.png

Step 4

Select all applicable categories. 

Remember, the selection is happening in two States only (Victoria and Western Australia)

Please carefully select the category in the state in which you wish to participate. Then, click Next
*You can enter all your students at once. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 1.50.08 pm.png

Step 5

To add competitors, click on the green button. + Add competitor(s).

Click on Manage competitors to start adding the name of your students.

  *Note: You can add them all first, and then allocate them to the corresponding category.

Click on Add New Competitor and follow the prompts.

Once you have entered the names of all your candidates, you can close the window and proceed to allocate them to their corresponding categories. 

Click on the green button. + Add competitor(s). All your students will now be ready to be allocated to their category.

Click Next

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Captura de pantalla_20230223_095547.png
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Step 6

Add the name of the school and the name of the teacher.

You can +Add New School and + Add New Teacher if you can't find them in the list. 

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Step 7

Enter the details for each competitor:

  1. Performance details, Music Details, License of Music, Duration

  2. Choreographer and Teacher ID

  3. Name of Parent/Guardian, Phone and Email

  4. Emergency Contact Phone and Email

  5. Backing Track specifications.

  6. Upload your music files.
    Please respect the time limit and format is MP3
    If you do not have the music file yet, you can upload this later. (Due date: 3rd March)

  7. Upload your last Cecchetti Examination Certificate or Report


Click Next

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Upload your music file.

Step 8

Do you have additional information?

Enter notes

Click Next


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Step 9

Read and Accept our Terms and Conditions

Click Next


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Step 10

Review your order

Entry Fees: $125.00 (Plus a late fee of $50.00 if after 3rd March)

*Please note: Stardom Admin and Credit Card Fees (2%) apply. 

Select Payment Option

Click Next

Enter your Card details

Click Pay Now

DO NOT close your browser until the Receipt Page is displayed.

Print and save the receipt page for your records.


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The summary above is an example only.

For further enquiries, please get in touch with National Office at:

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