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A Collection of Music for Adv 2 & Diploma (CDs only)

This collection of over 120 pieces, many from ballets, has been selected by internationally renowned musicians and ballet teachers, recorded on two CD's. Accompanying sheet music is available. Although initially chosen to musically enrich senior students training in the Cecchetti Method, this collection offers excellent classroom music for all ages from Pre-Ballet to Professional levels. It presents a wide range of dynamics, fun, rhythm, and colour for all ages, leading to technical challenge, artistry and the joy of dance. An exceptional selection of music for diagonal pirouettes.


Kennedy, Sheila. A Collection of Music for ballet classes: Selected especially as additional music for training purposes in the Cecchetti Advanced & Diploma Material. Canada: Printorium Bookworks a division of Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. Victoria BC, V8V 3K3, 2012


Collection of Music for Adv 2 & Diploma (2 CD set ONLY) 


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A Collection of Music for Adv 2 & Diploma (CDs only)

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